Chocolate Mug Cake

A recipe that takes you back to the comfort of your childhood, ready in under 5 minutes.


1. In a deep mug, break open one egg and add the sugar to it and beat till combined.

2. In a separate bowl add the flour, sift in the cocoa powder and baking powder.

3. Add the dry ingredients to the mug and mix properly.

4. Add the milk and the oil and mix till it looks like a batter.

5. Microwave the mug for 2 and a half minutes.

6. In a pan lightly heat the cream and the butter till butter is melted and take it off the heat.

7. Add the chocolate to the pan and whisk till the chocolate melts and it all combines to make a sauce.

8. Pour the glaze on the mug cake and serve.

9. Try it with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream to take it to the next level.

Chase the flavors

Serves 1

Preparation time 5 Minutes

Cooking time 5 Minutes


Eggs - 1 no.

Flour - 4 tbsp

Baking powder - 1 tsp

Milk - 3 tbsp

Oil - 3 tbsp

Castor Sugar - 3 tbsp

Cocoa Powder - 2 tbsp

Dark Chocolate - 50 gms

Butter - 1 tbsp

Heavy Cream - 1/4 cup

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